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I/O Docs Community Edition

Interactive API documentation server built in Node.js that accelerates developer API adoption. Mashery's API Explorer is built on I/O Docs.

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API Catalyst

API Catalyst is a collection of short, simple API code snippets written in JavaScript, Python, and Ruby intended to help you get started using RESTful APIs, including Beats Music, Coca-Cola Enterprises, The Guardian, USA TODAY, and more.

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Intel XDK Sample Apps

Intel XDK lets you create mobile apps across multiple platforms using HTML5, JavaScript & CSS. Check out sample apps that integrate Mashery APIs, including, Hotwire, and Beats Music.

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Quickly build iOS, Android, Windows Phone & HTML5 apps in the cloud with Sample apps with Mashery API integrations include ESPN,, and Best Buy.

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Windows 8 Starter Kits

APIMASH Starter Kits demonstrate how to integrate RESTful APIs such as, TomTom, Active Network and many more to create Windows 8 Store Apps.

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I/O Wraps

Generate PHP and Java client libraries using your I/O Docs schema.

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I/O Alfred

Boost the power of the Alfred productivity application for Mac OS using app extensions built with RESTful APIs, such as Rovi, Klout, Twitter, & Twilio.

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