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Edison Hackathon Guides

A collection of guides useful for Intel Edison hackers at hackathon events.

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Hacker League Wiki Templates

Hacker League Markdown sample templates that can be used by organizers for wikis.

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Intel XDK Sample Apps

Intel XDK lets you create mobile apps across multiple platforms using HTML5, JavaScript & CSS. Check out sample apps that integrate Mashery APIs, including, Hotwire, and Beats Music.

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API Catalyst

API Catalyst is a collection of short, simple API code snippets written in JavaScript, Python, and Ruby intended to help you get started using RESTful APIs, including Beats Music, Coca-Cola Enterprises, The Guardian, USA TODAY, and more.

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APIMATIC is an automatic SDK generator that makes consuming RESTful APIs like Beats Music, and many more quick and easy. SDKs available for iOS, Android, Javascript, Python, Ruby, PHP, Java and .NET.


I/O Docs Community Edition

Interactive API documentation server built in Node.js that accelerates developer API adoption. Mashery's API Explorer is built on I/O Docs.

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Edison BLE GATT is a general attribute profile for Intel Edison built using the Bleno library and Node.js.

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Bloop: CLI Tools

Bloop is a Node.js based tool for interacting with Intel Edison on the command line of your Mac computer. It has specifically been built to help rapidly connect to and work with Intel Edison.

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Quickly build iOS, Android, Windows Phone & HTML5 apps in the cloud with Sample apps with Mashery API integrations include ESPN,, and Best Buy.

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Windows 8 Starter Kits

APIMASH Starter Kits demonstrate how to integrate RESTful APIs such as, TomTom, Active Network and many more to create Windows 8 Store Apps.

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