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I/O Docs

Interactive API documentation that accelerates developer tire kicking. Check out Mashery's API Explorer for examples.

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Intel Sample Apps

Intel XDK lets you create mobile apps for multiple platforms using HTML5, Javascript & CSS. Check out some sample apps we built using Mashery APIs + Intel XDK.

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I/O Wraps

Generate API client libraries that speak your native language -- PHP, Java and more.

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iOS + StackMob Sample Apps

Various native iOS sample apps featuring Mashery Network API integrations, utilizing native frameworks, UI components and data persistence on StackMob backend cloud services.

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Quickly build iOS, Android, Windows Phone & HTML5 apps in the cloud with Sample apps with Mashery API integrations including ESPN, Aetna and Best Buy.

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Windows 8 Starter Kits

API MASH Starter Kits demonstrate how to use public Web Service API's such as Edmunds, Tom-Tom, Rotten Tomatoes and many more to create Windows 8 Store Apps.

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I/O Alfred

Alfred app extensions that use Rovi, Klout, Twitter, Twilio APIs to retrieve useful info, like movie data, social influence scores.

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