I/O Wraps - API Client Libraries

An API client library (also known as an SDK or language wrapper) is an efficiency tool for programmers that helps bind external resources to your native programming language.


USA TODAY offers content APIs that allow developers to access their resources, such as news articles, book reviews, best seller lists (books), census data, movie reviews, music reviews & much more. Head over to developer.usatoday.com to learn more.

Rovi Cloud Services API

Rovi Cloud Services is a global leader in digital entertainment technology for some of the largest CE manufacturers, service providers and online, mobile and application developers in the world. Head over to developer.rovicorp.com to learn more.

Whit.li API

Whit.li rates the relevance of people, content, & brands. It divines rare interests, personality traits, derived demographics & more, by scanning & analyzing social media activity using complex context-sensitive pattern-matching algorithms. Head over to developer.whit.li to learn more.

I/O Wraps Generator

I/O Wraps libraries are built using API resource and method definitions from I/O Docs configurations. By creating new and leveraging existing open-source frameworks and tools, I/O Wraps can help you quickly build client libraries in both Java and PHP.

Using I/O Wraps, the schemas, converters, generators, templates and generated
libraries are fully open-source and customizable.

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